How do I choose a Shakespeare monologue if I’ve never done Shakespeare?

What should my video submission (self tape) look like?

Can you go line-by-line and tell me what these
old-timey words mean???

Do you have any tips on memorizing?

Shakespeare Monologue Tutorials

"Wherefore art thou Romeo?" TUTORIAL | Juliet Monologue (Romeo and Juliet)

"Over Hill Over Dale" TUTORIAL | Fairy Monologue (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

"The Quality of Mercy" TUTORIAL Part 1 | Portia Monologue (The Merchant of Venice)


Monologue Performances / Self Tape Examples:

Joan of Arc Monologue (Henry VI Part 1) // Shakespeare Monologue

Juliet Monologue "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" (Romeo and Juliet) // Shakespeare Monologues

PORTIA Monologue "The Quality of Mercy" (The Merchant of Venice) - Shakespeare


Tips for Auditions


Acting College Audition? 3 Tips for Choosing Shakespeare Audition Monologues! with Shelby Lewis

3 Audition FAILS! 🤦‍♀️ How I Got It WRONG and STILL Got the Part

7 FAST & EASY TIPS for Memorizing Anything - Best Memorization Techniques

Shakespeare Resources


Iambic Pentameter Explained! // Shakespeare Scansion Made EASY

Top 10 Best Shakespeare Books for Your Library at Home

Interview on Shakespeare Plays, Young Actors, and Juliet - with DAVID MONTEE

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