Don’t just pick a “good monologue”...
  Find the perfect monologue for YOU

Are you preparing an audition with
“2 contrasting monologues” and have no idea where to start?

You’re asking yourself… What makes a good monologue? Where do you even start looking for them? What does contrasting actually mean? 

Preparing a monologue package for theatre program auditions is very tricky, and sometimes scary. Believe me, I know. I’ve been there. 

I'm Ready To Begin!

What if you could have a handful of pieces that feel so “YOU” that you can’t WAIT to perform?

What if you submitted your audition video with complete confidence?

What if you actually looked forward to auditioning—not just now, but for the rest of your career?

Private Coaching - Audition Package


investment: $1400 | 7 sessions | 60 minutes each

A Private Coaching Audition Package is perfect for those looking for a full-service audition coach—one that will take you from finding your pieces to preparing them for submission.

Together, we’ll tackle exactly what you want to showcase about yourself, choose monologues that are a joy to perform (and not overdone), and work them up to the performance level of a professional actor.

At the end of our package, you will have:
  • 2 contrasting monologues you LOVE that are impressive, polished, and ready to record
  • 2 extra monologues pulled/curated for you for future use
  • 1 audition video audit (personalized feedback on your submission before you record your final audition)
  • Personal invitation into Shelby’s alumni group of aspiring artists that meets monthly, known as The Ensemble

This is for me!


Private Coaching - Single Session


Need quick feedback on something you’ve already prepared? If you have monologues ready to film and would like to run them by me before you submit it, a single session is perfect for you.

Use the time however you like! We can work your pieces or sides for an upcoming audition, narrow down your monologue options, review your college list, finalize your video recording setup, do a Shakespeare text work deep-dive, discuss your next career steps, or tackle anything else you need help with in your audition process.

This is for me!


Monologue Pull


A Monologue Pull is a one-and-done service where you tell me what qualities you want to show off in your audition.

I send you speeches that will do that. The #1 thing I’m asked as a coach/acting teacher/director is: 

“Do you have any monologue recommendations for me?” 
Aaand YES, I do! I have been collecting great speeches and expert audition material for over 20 years. If you want a quick jumpstart to your monologue selection process, let me do the work.

We’ll have a 30-minute session to get to know each other and clarify your audition goals, and then I’ll go through my extensive personal monologue database and curate 8 pieces that I think would be great for you.

  • 30 minute info-gathering session via Zoom 
  • Email of 8 monologues curated per your individual needs, typically consisting of:
  • 2 contemporary comedic
  • 2 contemporary dramatic
  • 2 classical comedic
  • 2 classical dramatic

This is for me!


Audition Video Feedback


“Will you take a look at my audition?” Happy to! If you’ve already filmed your video submission, or at least a first draft of it, send me the file or unlisted link of your audition and I will record a voice memo or video message of my feedback as soon as possible.

I will offer honest critiques about what these pieces show about you, what can be improved, and what is working perfectly. 

  • Personalized feedback via voice/video message
  • Accelerated turnaround of 24-48 business hours

This is for me!

I got into my dream school

& I'm here to help you achieve your wildest dreams


real results

"Every moment with Shelby is super exciting & engaging!"

"She takes the time to nerd out and pay attention to the technical training as well."


“After having the good fortune of teaching some of the most talented young actors, directors and teachers working in today's American theatre scene over my three decades at the Interlochen Center for the Arts, I would be challenged to identify a former student/current colleague who combines such strong talents in all three of those areas. Shelby Lewis is a sterling asset to any creative venture in which she participates. There are few people I'd trust as implicitly to deliver quality work on the stage or in the classroom.” 

Dr. David Montee, Theatre Professor, Director, Author of Translating Shakespeare

Frequently Asked Questions

How many monologues should I have for college auditions?

Great question! The minimum is 2, the typical is 4, and the ideal is 6. That full “6-monologue package” usually consists of 2 classical pieces (1 comedic, 1 dramatic), 2 contemporary pieces (1 comedic, 1 dramatic), and 2 slightly random speeches that I call “personality pieces.” The 5th speech can be something that shows a certain skill or interest of yours, such as a dialect. For example, a fabulous 5th piece for ME would be something from an Oscar Wilde play: it’s British, it’s somewhere between classical and contemporary, and it allows me to do a dialect that I LOVE to do and brings me a lot of joy to perform. Now the 6th piece is typically referred to as a “stretch piece,” meaning you are preparing a character that you probably wouldn’t be cast as but would still LOVE to play. The “stretch” could be someone who is a different age or gender identity, or it could be a style that you’ve always wanted to try but aren’t quite good at yet! Bottom line, whether you have 2 or 6 monologues: get clear on what you want to show about yourself and pick pieces that show that & that you love to perform.


When should I start thinking about college monologues?

RIGHT NOW. If you’re interested in applying for BFA acting programs or BA theatre programs, it is never too early to start preparing for your college audition process. Most of my clients contact me at the start of their senior year, and we quickly whip together an audition package that they’re super proud of just in time for their application deadlines. HOWEVER, I recommend that those who can should start in their junior year. This is ideal because it gives everyone (coach and student and parents) time to prepare, explore, think, try, browse, polish, make tweaks, re-record, etc. If you start sooner than your senior year—even the summer before!—the monologue selection process can have a little more room to breathe, and you won’t have to memorize speeches at the same time as you’re writing college essays. Imagine having all of your monologues completely solid before you head into your senior year!? I mean, I didn’t and I still did splendidly. But IF POSSIBLE, that’s what I’d recommend.


Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. I could not have gotten where I am today without the option of a payment plan with coaches I’ve hired for myself, so I am more than happy to offer this option for my amazing clients! When you fill out the Inquiry Form, note in the message that you’re interested in a payment plan and we will work it out.


How do I apply for a scholarship?

Though I know I’m worth every penny, it is extremely important for me to offer young artists a variety of affordable options because I believe in my bones that coaching—and theatre training in general—should be accessible. That is why I set aside a few slots each quarter for scholarship-based coaching. This can be anywhere from “pay what you can” to a fully-covered, need-based scholarship. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, book a free 30-minute “Session Zero” with me at this link. We’ll chat, discuss your goals, timeline, and what’s doable financially for you and your family, and go from there!


If I work with you, will I get into my dream school?

Of course, no coach can guarantee that anyone will get into any specific program. (And if someone is guaranteeing that, RUN!) However, I can guarantee two things: (1) After working with me, you will feel more clear about what makes you unique and more confident in how to share it with the world. (2) The only way to guarantee you won’t get into your dream school is to not try.


That said, I went to an internationally-renowned arts high school, had a faculty of professional actors and educators who coached my personal college auditions, and I did get into my dream school. Because I’ve done it, I know it can be done. So I want you to know that there is every reason for you to shoot for the stars. And I would be honored to help you do just that.

Do you offer refunds?

Nope! I’ve been doing this for a long time and am very confident in the service I provide. Of course, if there are extenuating life circumstances that prevent either of us from completing a full monologue package within the necessary, mutually-agreed upon timeline, I will absolutely make allowances based on a case-by-case basis.


What if I’m not an actor?

That’s fine! Making big bold choices and building confidence is a universal quality that everyone in every profession can benefit from. I’ve worked with clients on preparing for job interviews, whipping together voiceover samples, or just giving general career advice to those who know they want to do something in the entertainment world but aren’t quite sure what. Book a complimentary clarity call with me at this link and we can brainstorm together!


What is your policy on discrimination?

Within private lessons, group calls, workshops, or any other offerings I provide, I strive to create a safe space for every human of every background, identity, and expression. As such, I am committed to vehemently protecting that sacred space for all of my clients, past and present. Across my work with individuals or groups, absolutely no level of discrimination will be tolerated—which includes but is not limited to hate speech, microaggressions, bullying, or statements that are racist, sexist, ablist, homophobic, or transphobic. If any form of harm occurs, it will be dealt with swiftly and directly at my sole discretion. I reserve the right to end services with any client without a refund, and extend to my clients the right to end services with me if I have caused them harm, regardless of intention. I also acknowledge my own privilege as a straight white cisgender woman, and am committed to lifelong learning via antiracist and queer-affirming literature. If you have any questions or require further discussion on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me at Also, feel free to read my statement of inclusion below.


Statement of Inclusion

Big Bold Choices is a space where Black lives, brown lives, and the lives of the LGBTQIA+ community are celebrated and respected. This space supports a world where difference is celebrated and all people are valued, inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Individuals of all genders, ethnicities, races, ages, beliefs, socioeconomic status, and abilities are welcome here. Big Bold Choices also wishes to acknowledge the Anishinabek people, the original custodians of the land on which it gathers.

Theatre is the artform of empathy. We are therefore committed to encouraging acceptance, diversity, equity, representation, and inclusion in all we do.